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You can also contact LYNX in writing at: 455 N. Garland Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, Attention: Andrea Ostrodka/US 192 Study

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Steering Group

The US 192 AA Steering Group will review and provide input into the Project’s key deliverables, including: the Public Involvement Plan; the Purpose and Need; Goals and Objectives/Evaluation Methodology; Project Initiation Package; and each screening step through the development of the AA Report.

The Steering Group agencies and representatives are as follows:

LYNX Andrea Ostrodka, AICP, LEED AP
Project Manager

Kathy Shaw Clary
Director of Communications

Matthew Friedman
Director of Media Relations

Tony Walter
Director of Planning and Development

Osceola County Tiffany Homler, AICP
Multimodal Planner
FDOT District Five Brenda Young, M.S., E.I.
Modal Planning Manager
City of Kissimmee Bob Wright, AICP
Senior Planner
Federal Transit Administration Keith Melton
Community Planner
MetroPlan Orlando Gary Huttmann, AICP
Deputy Executive Director
Lake-Sumter MPO T.J. Fish
Executive Director
City of St. Cloud Jen Giannuzzi

In addition to the Steering Group, the US 192 AA will include coordination through a designated Community Liaison Group. This group will provide local perspectives as the AA is completed. The purpose of this group is to communicate with the broader stakeholder community and provide data and perspectives to represent these community members. The Community Liaison Group will have representatives from major employers, economic development interests, redevelopment agencies, neighborhood associations, and government agencies not included in the Steering Group.

The Community Liaison Group membership will be approved by the Steering Group.

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